An Extraordinary Gift!

Sit back, read this comfortable story, and before you begin simply take a few deep breaths and let the pleasant words and pictures wash over you like the most comforting and reassuring experience you ever have!

Once upon a time, a boy received the most wonderful package; the shape and colour of the package were unusual and seemingly, when he looked at it from different angles the shapes and colours actually changed and moved almost as if he were causing this reaction, this movement, this change.

He could not believe his eyes; it was like nothing that he had ever known before. He knew his gift wrapped up in many very simple layers was so special, so life changing and something that he was expecting!

He began to carefully peel back the layers of the package to uncover the wonderful treasures, an overwhelming sense of excitement that seem to spin round and round himself as he pressed on with opening his new gift his curiosity to explore grew and grew.  There were voices inside him that were like a choir of a million angels singing all sorts of positive things to him!

Pow! the boy could not wait in suspense any longer, he was sure ready for his amazingly interesting and colourful gift , he resisted no more and unwrapped all of the package at once.

Inside all the layers of paper was a box of extraordinary seeds, slightly larger than life, multi coloured and slightly warm and velvety to the touch.

This made the boy a little confused as he wasn’t really a keen gardener, he did believe though that planting the special seeds and ensuring they had all the right conditions; they will thrive and grow into something beautiful.

Now, the little boy followed his heart and planted the seeds in a very place where he knew well, as soon as the seeds were in the soil it was although they magically begin to grow and grow! Allsorts of wonderful colours, textures, shapes and smells began to bloom!

Day after day, the boy would visit, play and nurture his special garden, learning new positive things about the world to help him along his journey. In deep appreciation, the boy began to share the wonderful benefits of the special seeds through and with his new knowledge, deep inner wisdom and vision he lived happily ever after.


Introducing . . . Neuro-Linguistic Programming!

NLP is an Attitude
You may find that the most liberating experience for you will be a change in your attitude and thinking to life as a whole.

When you start to look at life and all the challenges that come with it as giving you a unique opportunity to learn, you will generate a shift in your attitude towards curiosity, exploration adventure and true freedom to learn how you can communicate fully and elegantly.

Reveal for yourself the things you need to know to live the life you desire; simply by your attitude affect others positively and create in your life an abundance of happiness, love and success.

NLP is a Methodology
You learned all your behaviours during your life through the experiences that you have lived (programmed). NLP is based on a foundation principle or a presupposition that behaviour has a structure; these structures can be modelled, taught, learned and therefore you can choose to positively change your life and others around you by learning new structures, new responses and new behaviours – (reprogramming).

Natural Intuition and perceptual skills are significant here as you can access inner astuteness to know what is effective in your life and what is not effective.
NLP is an evolving Technology
A developing art of organising information received from the world around you and being in tune with your perceptions of the information you receive blend that together with new strategies and more personal choices ensures you have greater freedom in your life.

Now and then you have probably thought that there is much more to life than you have experienced with the technology of NLP, you will certainly achieve results that previously seemed impossible.

Presuppositions for NLP Success!

The following points are good principals to hold when thinking about making positive, long lasting life changes using the strategies and technology of NLP:

  • The meaning of communication is the response you elicit.
  • We already have within us the power and resources we need to run our own brain and bring positive change.
  • People represent the world through the five senses.
  • The Map is not the territory.
  • The positive worth of a person stays constant while the value and appropriateness of internal and external behaviour is questionable.
  • A positive intention motivates every behaviour, where every behaviour has a value.
  • There is no failure only feedback.

How NLP will benefit you!

The daily use of the special practical gifts that NLP presents to you now, will usher into your life a profound sense of wisdom and knowledge that will lead to a renewed positive outlook on your life and a noticeable change in your perception of the life challenges that may have occurred from time to time.

The use of NLP nests wonderfully with every aspect of life, Physically, Spiritually and emotionally and as you become more and more aware of your personal power and gain more confidence in the freedom of life that you have you will Holistically discern a difference in yourself and how others treat you for good!

This technology will strengthen any faith you have, help you to make more and more good personal decisions and lead into extraordinary talents blossoming in your life. Take the seed I am offering to you now, match it with the power of good that you already know inside, now blend it all together with intentions of unconditional love and look out for juiciest fruit rolling into your life.